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I.                   History


Samdani & Qureshi, was formerly known as Walker Martineau Saleem. It began its work in 1985 in association with Walker Martineau of 10/11, Gray's Inn, London, United Kingdom. It has had as its partners and consultants distinguished former judges of the Supreme Court and High Court. It has throughout its history maintained a team of highly qualified personnel predominately qualified from abroad.


The firm has in the past worked on constitutional, commercial and politically charged matters resulting in landmark judgements being handed down by the superior courts.


The firm was engaged by a multinational company in connection with a dispute which, inter alia, involved questions relating to the effect of Bilateral Investment Treaties in Pakistan which eventually came up for adjudication before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.  The final judgment laid down principles determining jurisdiction of Pakistani and foreign courts to adjudicate upon disputes arising out of contracts executed in Pakistan containing provisions for resolution of disputes in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 1940.


In another arbitration, the firm appeared on behalf of an Italian construction company, involving intricate questions relating to the FIDIC form of Contract. The financial claims in this case amounted to Rs. 270,902,379.61 and $35,119,485.41.


The firm was engaged to render legal advice and assistance in connection with a power generation project being executed by a consortium of international and local contractors. The issues involved required interpretation of the FIDIC form of Contract and its impact on the financial claims agitated by the Contractor. The dispute was eventually brought before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes which assumed jurisdiction and subsequently the dispute was resolved amicably.


The firm has acted as counsel and continues to act for an Italian Construction Company executing a major road project in Pakistan and has represented them before the Dispute Adjudication Board.


The firm is representing an international consortium of investors who had been awarded a contract to undertake construction and operation of a Mass Transit System in Jordan on BOT basis. The dispute arising out of this project was initially raised before the dispute adjudication board appointed by the ICC, subsequently in an arbitration before ICSID and ICC.



The firm has acted as counsel in connection with a major motorway project valuing USD 650 million dollars approximately. The various disputes arising out of this Project were agitated before the courts of Pakistan, Turkey, International Chamber of Commerce and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, Washington.    The firm has remained involved with this Project throughout its chequered history since 2001.


The firm has also acted as counsel to equity holders in relation to disputes relating to valuation of shares and represented them in an arbitration under the arbitration rules of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Sweden as well as the courts of Pakistan.


The firm has represented the Employer and Contractor, foreign and local, in a large number of disputes relating to major infrastructure projects both in ad hoc and international arbitrations.

It has had a glorious history of large variety of clients both from the government, private and foreign sector.


II.               PROFILE


Samdani & Qureshi (formerly Walker Martineau Saleem) is a firm of advocates and legal consultants associated with Fenwick Elliott LLP Aldwych House 71-91, Aldwych, London WC2B 4HN, United Kingdom, Kureşi Ve Kureşi, Danişmanlik Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi, 1 Levent Ebulullah Cad. Mermerler Sitesi B-Block D:5, Beşiktas, Istanbul, Turkey, Sigma International, PKE Associates and Al-baar Trust, with a nation-wide presence in Pakistan, United Kingdom and in Turkey. It is offering a broad range of legal services within one organisation in response to the rapidly developing legal environment. Samdani & Qureshi has associates and correspondents in major commercial cities of Pakistan, namely, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi and in Turkey, and London, ensuring prompt and efficient legal services at Clients' doorsteps while being able to draw on the legal resources of offices in other cities.  The Firm also has the distinguishing feature of reliable capability in both contentious and non-contentious matters with partners and associates specialising in different areas of practice.  With our equal emphasis on litigious and transactional practice, the Client is assured of a one-stop legal facility.  At Samdani & Qureshi we have demonstrated that the availability of legal skills in both contentious and non-contentious areas has a synergetic effect, ensuring a comprehensive legal assistance for the Client.  We are a progressive firm looking to the future, while ensuring adherence to the traditions of highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, and value for money for the Client.


With the diverse experience of its partners supplemented by associates specialising in different areas, Samdani & Qureshi offers the widest range of legal services in Pakistan.  In litigious matters, the Firm offers advocacy services in the civil, criminal, corporate, commercial, and constitutional matters.  Pre-trial negotiations and settlements are given due emphasis in the interests of time and costs of the Client.  On account of the litigation capability, the Firm has acquired a nation-wide reputation for arbitrations, which is increasingly becoming popular for dispute resolution.


On the transactional side, the Firm has reliable capabilities in the areas of project finance, corporate finance and affairs, joint ventures, securitisations, international trade, foreign private investments, public private partnerships, regulatory affairs, legislative and commercial drafting, taxation, conveyancing, construction contracts, engineering and procurement contracts, banking and finance, insurance, land acquisitions, carriage of goods, customs, privatisation, intellectual property and other areas.


Professionals at Samdani & Qureshi have experience in Public Private Partnership projects. We can offer our clients a one-stop legal service for all facets of public private partnership projects.


Samdani & Qureshi in association with Sigma International provides a progressive, multi-disciplined project management group that has the skill, focus and discipline to ensure that infrastructure projects are not only completed on time and within budget but fully achieve their intended purpose. Thus we focus on providing responsive, cost-effective construction management and construction dispute resolution services for public and private sector agencies. Our particular knowledge of construction claims and the many factors that foster construction disputes provides us unique insight into the development and management of construction programs.


Our Embassy Department has provided over the past two decades services to several embassies for investigation of the applications for visas, and furnished them advise on Pakistani Law regarding child abduction, forced marriages, blasphemy, asylum, adoption and human rights violations against women and children in Pakistan.


Our Property Department covers a wide range of legal service relating to real estate as well, not least of all conveyancing. Our Residential Property Department deals with all aspects of conveyancing, from renting, mortgaging, gifting, selling and purchasing of Pakistani properties, to buying and selling properties at auction and the acquisition and disposal of large portfolios of properties in Pakistan, to our clients in Pakistan as well as abroad. We offer specialist advice on all aspects of property transactions including leasehold enfranchisement including extending individual leases, auction sales and purchases. We assist in locating properties, investigation of the title of the Property, maintaining your property and all other legal formalities and consequently in selecting the best home for you.


Our Clients include a number of statutory corporations, companies in the oil, energy, telecommunications, insurance, shipping and construction sectors, business houses, industrial concerns, banks, diplomatic missions, financial institutions and individuals.


Samdani & Qureshi is committed to making a positive difference to society and throughout our offices there are a variety of firm-wide, office, team or individual activities taking place to benefit local people and charities that you can get involved with.

We provide pro bono legal advice as our contribution to the society. 

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