Samdani & Qureshi recognize their profound responsibility to use their training, skills and experience to provide legal services to the poor and to charitable, religious, community, governmental and educational organizations that otherwise would be unable to afford legal representation. Our lawyers also have a responsibility to protect civil and human rights in this country.
Samdani & Qureshi’s pro bono policy strongly urges all lawyers to devote a significant amount of time to pro bono matters.
The firm has taken initiative on the cases of missing persons in Pakistan, various asylum case, illegal confinement and child abduction cases.
The firm has represented many people who had been reported missing for years and people who had been detained against their fundamental rights. The firm has also reunited children who had been abducted in Pakistan and filed cases against professional negligence on behalf of the poor as part of its pro bono work.
As part of its pro bono work the firm works in association with Al-Baar Trust which is working for the benefit of women and children who are a victim of violence. We provide free legal advice for these women and children who are unable to obtain advice from lawyers due to financial constraints and social pressures.