Most companies today are under pressure. Budgets are cut, resources reduced, timescales ever more challenging, yet still productivity increases are demanded. Today businesses cannot always provide the focus and time to deliver projects effectively, to find the right expertise at the right stage of a project, and as a result, suffer additional costs on projects through poor conception, planning, procurement and execution resulting in delays and costly protracted litigation.
The combined resources of Samdani & Qureshi and Sigma International provides a progressive, multi-disciplined project management group that has the skill, focus and discipline to ensure that infrastructure projects are not only completed on time and within budget but fully achieve their intended purpose. Thus our focus is on providing responsive, cost-effective construction management and construction dispute resolution services for public and private sector agencies. Our particular knowledge of construction claims and the many factors that can foster construction disputes provides our unique insight into the development and management of construction programs.

The following services are provided by the Firm:

1. Technical and legal assistance to various companies in Turkey and abroad (the “Companies”) and various governments in the procurement process, inter alia, in

(i) Preparing of the Expression of Interest.
(ii) Pre-qualifying various bidders.
(iii) Preparing prequalification evaluation reports.
(iv) Preparing the Request for Proposals (RFP).
(v) Managing the Bid Process
(vi) Conducting the evaluation process in accordance with the relevant laws.

2. Technical and legal assistance to the “Companies” and various governments:
(i) for designing and implementing of infrastructure projects.
(ii) in planning a project to ensure successful delivery and stakeholder satisfaction
(iii) in developing a complete framework for the achievement and execution of the Project milestones.
(iv) in assessing of the viability of executing the Project to be implemented through various modalities identified by it, in view of the financial, physical, socio-economic and environmental parameters.
(v) in implement risk management techniques and mitigation strategies.
(vi) in preparing comprehensive feasibility studies; encompassing the legal, financial and technical perspectives and determining key business benefits and project financial feasibility.
(vii) formulating appropriate financial models, so as to achieve financial close, as well as, other necessary technical studies.
(viii) drafting the relevant agreements/concessions and assisting in negotiating the agreements/concessions with the other party and its representatives in order to reach a mutually acceptable agreement/concession.
(ix) providing legal advice for the effective planning, implementation and management of the infrastructure projects.

(3) assisting in estimating the schedule task work and duration.
(4) providing legal and financial assistance to the Companies in managing complex projects involving substantial budgets, strategic risks and aggressive time scales
(5) assisting the Companies in monitoring and reporting project progress using internationally acceptable methods.
(6) Preparing Extension of Time and other Claims for the Companies/Governments to be submitted to the Engineer/arbitrator.
(7) providing expert advice and consultation to the Companies in relation to infrastructure projects at different levels of its implementation which may include technical, financial and legal advice.
(8) Design an effective change management process that delivers and supports strategic business projects.
(9) assist the Companies on any other activities deemed appropriate by mutual consent and agreement to be necessary for structuring, development and implementation of the Project in accordance with the selected modality.
(10) assisting in any other matter which is requested by the Companies for expert opinion and advice requiring consultation in any other matter not falling within the purview of clauses above.
(11) In relation to infrastructure projects not falling within the expertise of the Company provide to the Companies assistance relating to technical, legal and financial matters for structuring contractual framework through Transaction Advisors appointed by the Company.