For the last twenty years Samdani & Qureshi has been rendering professional services to various diplomatic missions and international organisations relating to verification of documents in connection with family reunion cases, child abduction, asylum cases and general advice and assistance relating to applicability of the laws of Pakistan to local employees, human resource issues, employer and employee relations etc.
The Firm has rendered advice to the diplomatic missions on issues such as validity of marriages and documents under the laws of Pakistan, the status of forced marriages and sensitive matters relating to honor killings, child abduction and blasphemy laws in Pakistan.
Real Estate
We have frequently been called upon to render assistance in matters relating to hiring of premises in Islamabad and disputes with landlords and real estate agents. The disputes invariably result from a failure on the part of the parties to obtain legal advice and assistance at the time of entering into the transaction and instead placing reliance upon the ability of real estate agents to ensure that all legal formalities are complied with.
In order to render an efficient and professional service to our clients we in association with PKE Associates (Private) Limited, in addition to providing other services, cater for all the Client’s requirements relating to hiring of premises. This includes locating premises suitable for the Client’s requirements, conducting necessary due diligence in relation to premises shortlisted by the Client, ensuring that all legal formalities in relation to necessary legal documentation are complied with such that the Client’s legal interests as a tenant are fully protected. Once the Client takes over possession of the premises PKE, as and when any need arises, interacts with the landlord on the tenant’s behalf in order to resolve any problems that may be faced during the period that the premises are occupied. Upon expiry of the initial lease period PKE also negotiates an extension of the lease period on behalf of the tenant, or coordinate and facilitate the handing over of possession to the landlord and settlement of any end of term financial issues